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Studio Complex


The Dancers' Inn



Tuition: $4,495.00 per session
The fee includes all instruction, room and board at Kaatsbaan in the Dancers' Inn, (double or triple occupancy rooms), liability insurance, all activities and field trips, and supervision by full-time Resident Assistants.


Because of the small selective size of the Extreme Ballet® program, Kaatsbaan cannot offer scholarships. However, students may set up their own scholarship funds. Friends, relatives (not parents), and small local businesses may send donations to Kaatsbaan earmarked for a student. 100% of the contribution will be placed in a particular student's scholarship fund. All monies received offset tuition for that student. Donations are tax deductible for the contributor to the extent allowed by law. In addition many communities offer arts scholarships for summer study.




March 1, 2019
$35 Video Auditions (DVD or link to Vimeo, YouTube etc.), Application fee, Registration Form, & Photos.


March 15, 2019
Tuition deposit ($1,795.00) due for Sessions I, II & III - Non-refundable deposit on tuition, room & board.


May 2, 2019
Tuition balance ($2,700.00) due for Session I & II & III Balance due on non-refundable tuition, room & board and all forms completed and signed. There will be no adjustment in tuition or fees for late arrival or early departure. All fees are non-refundable.


There will be no adjustment in tuition or fees for late arrival or early departure. All fees are non-refundable.


Admission Requirements

  1. 13 years and older
  2. Minimum 2 years of Pointe work: able to sustain 6 days of technique class per week, and 2-4 hours a day of Pointe class five days a week.


Students may register for two sessions with the director's approval.


Audition Tour

Pre-registration is not required. Registration is 30 minutes prior to audition. One photo in first arabesque and a headshot are required along with a $30.00 audition fee.


Video Audition Requirements

Submit a video recorded no earlier than August 2017 along with one photo in first arabesque en pointe, one photo tendu a la seconde, a headshot and $35.00 Audition Processing Fee. The audition should be no more than 15 minutes long (keep it simple).


Video Content

Start the recording by stating your name and age. Create your own combinations both at the barre and in the center.


  1. Grande plie in each position
  2. Tendu en croix with demi plie
  3. Tendu and degages en croix
  4. Rond de jambe en dehors and en dedans
  5. Developpe and fondu en croix, end with an arabesque
  6. Grand Battement en croix

Center Work:

  1. Adage, show ecarte and attitude
  2. Pirouette en dehors and en dedans
  3. Petit allegro
  4. Grand Allegro
  5. Ladies: Pointe work combination
  6. Men: double tours and pirouettes a la seconde en l'air


Email video links, photos, and registration form to:


Mail DVD, photos, registration form and $35.00 fee to:
Prudence Garcia-Renart, Kaatsbaan
USPS: P.O. Box 482, Tivoli, NY 12583
UPS or FedEx: 120 Broadway, Tivoli, NY 12583

Extreme Ballet®

Celebrating 19 years as the ultimate training, coaching and mentoring dance experience.


Session I: June 16 - July 6, 2019


Session II: July 7 - July 27, 2019


Session III: July 28 - August 17, 2019


Martine van Hamel

Program Director

Stella Abrera

Associate Director

Extreme Ballet® is a unique training program designed for the serious young dancer who wants to develop exceptional technical skills, artistic refinement and a sophisticated approach to repertoire. Students receive superior ballet training with an emphasis on individual corrections.



Small groups are a specialty of the Extreme Ballet® program and offer students the daily personal attention needed to sharpen and refine their skills. Enrollment is limited to 40 students per session. Students are assembled in small groups of approximately 20 dancers for technique classes and pointe classes and into groups of approximately 10 for coaching.



Daily technique class is aimed to improve technical skills, line, movement vocabulary, physical strength and musicality. Coaching of the classical repertoire refines the subtle understanding of movements and musicality and prepares the dancer for a sophisticated artistic performance. 



Contemporary ballet techniques, modern dance and improvisation, and conditioning/cross-training are also an important part of the Extreme Ballet® curriculum, as versatility is essential in today’s contemporary choreography and productions. Flamenco is a required class to assist in character dance preparation, and yoga and Pilates are required to improve the student’s core strength, placement and flexibility.



The faculty at Extreme Ballet® offers a vast range of professional experience coupled with in-depth knowledge and understanding of dance pedagogy. They are well versed in traditional ballet teaching techniques as well as contemporary approaches to dance anatomy and kinesiology.



Kaatsbaan is situated on 153 rural acres in the Village of Tivoli, New York, two hours north of New York City. The state of the art facilities include three premier dance studios, a sixteen-room motel style residence inn: The Dancers’ Inn. Extreme Ballet® offers a peaceful, healthy and safe environment that encourages cooperation, support and long-term personal friendship.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding curriculum, technique class, coaching, master classes, performance showcases, excursions, meals, accomodations, and transportation.


Faculty and Master Teachers for Extreme Ballet® 2019:


Stella Abrera
Kati Garcia-Renart
Lisa Lockwood
Lorin Mathis
Kevin McKenzie
John Meehan
Miki Orihara
Sascha Radetsky
Sarite Sanders
Margo Sappington
Oliver Tobin
Martine van Hamel
Wendy Whelan
Roman Zhurbin



Download Extreme Ballet® 2019 Audition Form


Audition Schedule:









2:30pm - 4pm

Mobile, AL

Mobile Ballet

4351 Downtowner

Loop North

Mobile, AL 36609



12:30pm - 2pm

Princeton, NJ

Princeton Ballet School

301 N. Harrison Street,

2nd floor

Princeton, NJ 08540



11:30am - 1pm

Rochester, NY

Rochester City Ballet

1326 University Ave

Rochester, NY 14607



11:30am - 1pm

Dallas, TX

Ballet Academy of Texas

145 Fitness Court

Coppell, TX 75019



5pm - 6:30pm

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Ballet School

500 W. Pershing Road

Kansas City, MO  64108



2:30pm - 4pm


Gibney Dance Studios

890 Broadway 5th Floor

New York, NY 10003

(Studio 5-2)



4:30pm - 6pm

Denver, CO

Colorado Ballet Academy
1075 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, CO 80204



2:30pm - 4pm

Hartford, CT


Audition may be rescheduled. Please check back or send video audition.

Video submissions are fully acceptable in lieu of in-person audition.

Please send materials to Program Manager:

845-756-5105, x110


The Hartt Dance Division

University of Hartford

35 Westbourne Parkway

Hartford, CT 06112

(Studio 3)



1:30pm - 3pm

San Francisco, CA

Academy of Ballet

2121 Market Street

San Francsico, CA 94114



1:30pm - 3pm

Chicago, IL

Hubbard Street Dance

1147 W. Jackson Blvd.,

Chicago, IL 60607

(Studio A)



12:30pm - 2pm

Minneapolis, MN

Ballet Royale Minnesota

16368 Kenrick Avenue

Lakeville, MN  55044

2/2/19 Saturday 5pm - 6:30pm Washington, DC

Washington Ballet

3515 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20016



2:30pm - 4pm

Philadelphia, PA

The Rock School

1101 SouthBroad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(Studio C)



2:30pm - 4pm

Tucson, AZ

University of Arizona

School of Dance
     Ina Gittings Bldg.#121

Tucson, AZ  85721



3pm - 4:30pm

Boston, MA

Boston Ballet

19 Claredon Street

Boston, MA 02116

(Studio 3)



1:30pm - 3pm

Tivoli, NY

Kaatsbaan International

Dance Center
120 Broadway,

Tivoli, NY 12583

Young Professionals Initiative
Stella Abrera

We are excited to announce that Stella Abrera, Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre (ABT), will launch a training and coaching initiative within Kaatsbaan’s Session III (July 28 through August 17, 2019) of its summer intensive, Extreme Ballet®. The initiative will be composed of professional young dancers, with a small group of students accepted into Extreme Ballet® invited to join select classes of this new satellite program. The chosen Extreme Ballet® students will benefit from Ms. Abera’s program as they work to continually refine their skills and artistry alongside young professionals. In addition to Ms. Abrera and Extreme Ballet’s Director, Martine van Hamel, guest teachers will include Kevin McKenzie, Artistic Director of ABT and Sascha Radetsky, Artistic Director of ABT Studio Company. Summer 2019 will be the pilot program for this initiative which will be fully implemented as a stand-alone program solely for young professionals to be called “Summer Studio Kaatsbaan" beginning summer 2020.